The horrible Cristiano Ronaldo statue is finally gone!

What are your thoughts on the new one?

The Spurs Lost Their Way

The news of Kawhi Leonard wanting out of San Antonio shows that the #Spurs reign over the league is officially over. #NBA

Another Suspension for Martavis Bryant?

Uh oh! Could Martavis Byrant be facing yet another suspension this coming #NFL season?

Patriots Offensive Projection 1.0

What does the future of the #Patriots offense look like? #NFL

Top 6 Beautiful Stadiums of Russia, hosting the FIFA World Cup 2018

The sites of the #WorldCup this year are some of the nicest in the world!

Check out the six best stadiums that will host this year's tournament!

Myles Garrett Says Kevin Durant Broke the League

Myles Garrett taking some shots at KD... #NFL πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Bucs mini-camp news and notes

Take a closer look at what's going on in #Bucs mini-camp! #NFL

Spain sack head coach Julen Lopetegui on the eve of the World Cup

The Spanish National Team fired their manager Julen Lopetegui just two days before their first #WorldCup match because he accepted a job with #RealMadrid!

The Red Sox Biggest Offseason Move Has Been....Tim Hyers?

The biggest difference between the #RedSox last season and this season?

Coaching! #MLB

The day has finally come, the #WorldCup kicks off today in Russia!

Are you ready?

Lakers Recruiting Paul George at Fortnite Tournament

Josh Hart was doing everything he could to recruit Paul George to the #Lakers at a #Fortnite tournament on Tuesday! #NBA πŸ˜…

Courting the King: How every team can pitch LeBron

Your team has a chance to land The King this summer! #NBA (Via NBA on ESPN)

The Real Reason Terrell Owens Won't be Attending Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony?

The Terrell Owens drama seems to never end! #NFL

Pump the Brakes on the Ohtani Injury Drama

The Shohei Ohtani rumors shouldn't be blown out of proportion just yet! #MLB

North America has been awarded the 2026 #WorldCup by FIFA!

This will be the first year the tournament will feature 48 teams, meaning there will be 40 matches in the United States and 10 in both Mexico and Canada!

Draymond in 2017 (left), Draymond in 2018 (right)

The man stays trolling the #Cavs! :joy: #NBA (Via ESPN)

Control the Uncontrollable

Easier said than done... #NASCAR

For Dwane Casey, Job With Pistons Will Make or Break Coaching Legacy

The pressure is on Dwane Casey to succeed at his new coaching job with the #Pistons! #NBA

The future has arrived for Tampa Bay baseball

The Tampa Bay Rays have a very promising future! #MLB

World Cup 2018: Best XI of players whose countries did not qualify for the World Cup

The #WorldCup starts in just two days!

Here are 11 of the best players to keep an eye on during the tournament!

21 years ago today, Michael Jordan played 44 minutes and scored 38 points despite having the flu.

The #Bulls won Game 5 of the #NBA Finals against the #Jazz and went on to win the series in the next game thanks to Jordan's valiant effort!

Shohei Ohtain Will Be Out Until 2020?

This is some bad, bad news for the #Angels and for #MLB fans...

Bucs ready for mini-camp

A full roster ready to make a push for the postseason has #Bucs fans excited for this #NFL season!

Where will be the King's next kingdom?

The question that will dominate the #NBA offseason: where will LeBron be next season?

Dynasty Warriors (2018 NBA Champs)

Dynasty solidified.

Congrats Golden State Warriors! #NBA

#Texans safety Andre Hal has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Andre and his family.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Picking a hypothetical 23-man World Cup squad for Italy

If only Italy had qualified for the #WorldCup... πŸ˜₯

Three-Team Trade Scenario That Would Help Houston Land LeBron

Can the #Rockets have the best team in the #NBA next season?

Bryan Colangelo resigns as president of the Philadelphia 76ers.

What is the deal with the #NBA and burner accounts?

Caps Fans Took to the Streets to Celebrate their First Stanley Cup

The party in Washington D.C. went late into the night and will likely continue for several more days after the #Capitals' first #StanleyCup title!

Congrats to the #Capitals on winning their first #StanleyCup in franchise history last night!

Well deserved! #NHL #ALLCAPS

Hollywood Insiders say LeBron to the Lakers is Going to Happen

Rumor has it... πŸ‘€ #NBA

5 Keys: Capitals at Golden Knights, Game 5

Can the #Capitals win their first #StanleyCup tonight?

Or will the #GoldenKnights pull one game back? #NHL (Via NHL)

Photos de la publication de

It's time for everyone's favorite:

Caption these pictures #NBAFinals edition!

Kareem Hunt Allegedly Punches a Man at a Resort in Ohio

It has been a very eventful offseason for #Chiefs running back, Kareem Hunt.

And not the good kind of eventful... #NFL

Travis Scott Gets his Own Air Jordan Shoe

He may not be an athlete, but Travis Scott has his own Air Jordan's coming out soon!

Wait over: American Pharoah wins Triple Crown

Three years ago today, American Pharoh made history! (Via ESPN)

With Jordan Montgomery Out for Season, Three Starters the Yankees Could Explore a Trade For

Could the season-ending injury to Jordan Montgomery cause problems for the #Yankees? #MLB

3 Great Sports Movies Fan Love to Hate or Don't Know About

What are three sports movies fans love to hate?

Check it out!

Cleveland Cavaliers must win the next two games at home to get back in this series.

The #Cavs can't go down 3-0 tonight or this series is done and dusted! #NBAFinals

Klay Thompson's Dad Says He Wants to Play His Entire Career in Golden State, But Won't Sign Until 2019

Klay Thompson's dad says he wants to play his entire career in Golden State.

Will he? #NBA (Via

No, Terrell Owens Will Not Make an NFL Comeback with the 49ers: Three Receivers the Niners could Sign

TO making a return to the #NFL? A funny thought to say the least!

Down goes Novak! #FrenchOpen

World Cup Group A Preview

Just nine days until the #WorldCup begins!

Here is a full preview of Group A.

The Chicago Bulls need to make Clint Capela their top free agent priority

Could the #Bulls potentially sign Clint Capela in free agency? #NBA

Two years apart, but some things never change! #NBA πŸ˜‚

HEAT given fifth best odds to win 2019 NBA Championship

Can the #Heat actually contend for a #NBA title next season?

Astros need to upgrade now

They may be the defending #WroldSeries champs, but the #Astros need some help if they are to repeat! #MLB

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